Graduate Aerobatic Scholarship

Applications for the 2023 scholarship have closed and the results will be announced shortly. Details of the scholarship and selection criteria are provided below.

The 2022 scholarship was won by Nathan Hassal! The winner was selected by an independent panel.

Nathan is a Grade 1 Flight Instructor who has been instructing at Tristar Aviation for eight years. His initial CPL training included a tailwheel endorsement. He completed his initial aerobatic endorsement then spin and aerobatic training endorsements while working as an instructor.

He is currently training students in Multi Engine IFR operations and teaching recreational aerobatics in a Cessna Aerobat.

Nathan has 3000 hours in many types including twins and singles including Cessna Aerobat, Super Decathlon and Citabria.

“I’m really excited to receive this award and get started on it.”