Bookings & Rates

Super Decathlon VH-UPG is only available directly from OZAEROS and booked online at – contact David for access at Contact.htm.

Prior to gaining access to the aircraft pilots will need to sign the hire agreement at

With rapidly increasing fuel prices due to the war in Europe the hire rate for VH-UPG is reviewed monthly. Fortunately the price is now coming down so for October 2022 the hourly rate for VH-UPG is $376 per engine hour based on a fuel price at Moorabbin of $2.824 per litre.

For info, the baseline rate for VH-UPG was $360 per hour (engine hourmeter) from 1 January 2022 when the fuel price was $2.41 per litre. The rate may be changed without notice in future – check back here.

Instruction rates for David are unchanged at:

  • Ground theory, CASA endorsement documentation: $50 per hour
  • Flight Instruction in Super Decathlon VH-UPG: equivalent to $100 per hour (from engine start to engine stop) although invoiced at $50 per hour for typical training flights from Moorabbin representing “time on  the job”.
  • Flight instruction in other aircraft: $135 per hour (from engine start to engine stop)
  • Supervision of solo flights: 3000 ft AGL and 1500 ft AGL: $50  per hour
  • Supervision of solo flights – 1000 ft AGL and 500 ft AGL: $50 per hour (plus travel if applicable)

To be consistent with the ATO’s definition of “gainfully employed” with particular reference to the “over-65s work test” the flight instruction rates represent “time on the job” rather than per hour of engine running time. A typical one hour of flight instruction in UPG involves the usual pre-flight briefing, post-flight debriefing, preparation of aircraft for flight etc.

For my limited flight examiner services the rate is $75+GST however there are fixed test fees for spin and aerobatic training endorsements for flight instructors:

  • single test: $375+GST
  • combined spin and aerobatic test: $450+GST
  1. Rates include GST (except where noted above) and apply to Moorabbin operations only. Contact David for rates at other locations – car travel at 66 c/km will apply to other airfields in the Melbourne area.
  2. Fuel is normally obtained from BP on UPG’s Carnet Card. Any fuel purchased by a pilot is reimbursed at the rate per litre of UPG’s Carnet Card account.
  3. Per normal practice, cancellation fees may be charged if the cancellation of a booking is not advised within 24 hours of the scheduled time other than due to operational reasons (e.g. pilot in command’s – instructor if dual, decision wrt weather etc) and other uncontrollable circumstances. Cancellation fee is 50% of the expected duration.
  4. Interest on overdue accounts at 12% p.a. applied monthly, cumulative.

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