News 19 August 2017


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Congratulations to Dick Gower, Kyneton Aero Club and Moorabbin Flying Services for their WINGS awards .

Dick won the Col Pay Award for Lifetime Service to Aviation! Watch this space as we’ll have a presentation dinner for Dick later in the year.


The Melbourne Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society has John Corby as guest speaker at the Hargrave Lecture and Donner on 11th October at Moorabbin Airport – all welcome – book tickets here.

Congratulations to Michael Schlepko and Natalie Korrum – joint winners of the Ken McKechnie Memorial Trophy this year for “best and fairest” Victorian aerobatic pilot.


Aerobatics Down Under

My new book – a comprehensive guide to basic aerobatics including operating the Decathlon and instructor training in spinning, aerobatics and tailwheel. Currently available as an e-book or paperback – get details and the discount code at


NSW Aerobatic Championships

These are being held at Narromine on 5-8 October – please let me know if you are interested in competing.

Moorabbin News and Rumours

The residential areas have now significantly encroached on the Moorabbin aerobatic area so please stay away from built up areas despite the lines on the charts!

Don’t forget to consider other users of the aerobatic area and make a general traffic call before entering.

Melbourne Flight Training will soon be offering aerobatic and formation training in a neat Airtouer T-6.

Airplane Updates

UPG has been doing quite a bit of flying since the previous newsletter despite it being winter. Now we’re in the windy season – good for finding crosswinds at Moorabbin but please be conservative and don’t go in wind conditions that might strain your skills – remember that the aeroplane will fly at about 40 kts so a gust can easily ruin your whole day.

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Ozaeros Shirts and Caps

I have some top quality polo shirts and caps with the Ozaeros logo available for sale. Polo shirts are $40 and the caps are $15 (both free to new Ozaeros Team members competing in 2017).

For more information email David.

Happy Flying

Hope to see you at the airport sometime soon.

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