News June 2018


Well into winter now here in Melbourne but there are some good flying days so take advantage of them when you can.

News and Rumours

Well …..

  • the circuit booking system at Moorabbin is still fully booked up two weeks ahead so make tailwheel endorsement training very difficult … over to someone else …. perhaps David Prossor …
  • there are quite a few people doing tailwheel and basic aerobatic training in the Super Decathlon one or two working up to competitions. Perhaps there will be an Ozaeros team at the next Victorian Championships.
  • I had an opportunity to speak to Greg Hood, CEO of the ATSB, recently about one of my pet subjects.
  • LOC-I – usually stall/spin from a turn – continues to be the single biggest cause of fatal GA accidents yet it seems that neither the ATSB nor CASA have little interest in changing the situation.
  • Many examiners and instructors also seem to have little interest as well. When was the last time that you did a stall in a turn?
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Ozaeros Shirts and Caps

I have some top quality polo shirts and caps with the Ozaeros logo available for sale. Polo shirts are $40 and the caps are $15 (both free to new Ozaeros Team members competing in 2017).

For more information email David.

Upcoming events

I’m not aware of any upcoming events interesting enough to entice me far from the fireplace so no plans to take UPG anywhere at this stage.

Happy Flying

I plan to visit the USA in July to go to Oshkosh etc so an opportunity to escape the Melbourne winter.

I hope to see you at the airport sometime soon. Keep in touch – email David.