News – 27 Dec 2016


We now have two newsletter email lists: the public one is for the regular Ozaeros News – sign up using the form on the sidebar.

The other one is for UPG Pilots with updates on operations.

Signup forms for both are here.

Aerobatic Contest

This aerobatic competition will be held at Latrobe Valley on Saturday 1st April at 9 am. Graduate and Sportsman will be flown – just one flight.

You must compete as a representative of an aero club affiliated with the RFACA e.g. RVAC. More details online here.

Let me know if you are interested.

USA National Aerobatic Championships

A few of us are interested in competing in the USA in 2017 – anyone else?

It is on from 22/9/17 to 29/9/17 at Oshkosh, WI – more info at

Don’t forget – free six months membership of the IAC is available so join up at the end of March to compete.

Ozaeros Shirts and Caps

I have some top quality polo shirts and caps with the Ozaeros logo available for sale. Polo shirts are $40 and the caps are $15 (both free to new Ozaeros Team members competing in 2017).

For more information email David.