This new page is dedicated to the Ozaeros Team for planning and practice for aerobatic competitions. It also provides information on flying cross-country. The next contest is the National Aerobatic Championships at Tocumwal NSW on 30 October to 3 November 2019.

The Ozaeros Team generally stays at the Kingswood Motel at Tocumwal.


Super Decathlons VH-UPG and VH-KAR plus Pitts S-2C VH-DAJ will be participating in Graduate and Sportsman categories.

Competition Sequences

Check out the Known sequences, design your own Free sequence and seek out sample Unknown sequences.

Practice Days

The Ozaeros Team will hold regular practice days in 2019. More info later on Facebook.

Venues TBA. Important: note the limitations of CAR 166A with respect to aerobatics in the vicinity of a non-controlled aerodrome and CAR166C regarding the use of radio.

If the weather is unsuitable for flying brush up on the theory here:  Aerobatics1500June2019


Congratulations to Thom Luke and Bruno Roque – second place in Sportsman and Intermediate at the 2019 Nationals.

Here is a blast from the past:



Flying the Super Decathlon

The fuel gauges are quite accurate 1/2 is close to half fuel and 1/4 is close to 38 litres. The minimum fixed reserve fuel is 30 minutes however the recommended is 45 minutes (use 23 litres) plus a variable reserve of 10%.

Plan on a TAS of 120 kts (a bit slower than the book) with a fuel flow of 36 litres/hour at 2400 RPM. MAP is 24″ at 2500 ft to 23″ at 7500 ft altitude. Take your time and lean the engine carefully – the EGT gauge has a long response time.

Fly-Away Kit

There are some essential things to take: fuel carnet cards, tie-down kit, pitot-tube cover and the security lock for the mixture. Wasps will quickly block the pitot tube so put the cover on ASAP and leave it on until you’re ready to start.

The fly-away kit includes a puncture repair kit, basic tools and spare screws. Keep off the grass as a bindy eye will disable the tailwheel tyre very quickly.

A small plastic ladder is useful too.