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David’s new book, Aerobatics Down Under, is now available! Everything about flying aerobatics in the Super Decathlon including how to win aerobatic competitions and information for aerobatic instructors.

The Kindle version may be purchased at Amazon as can the paperback.

However the Ozaeros special discounted price for the paperback version is only available at Createspace (Amazon)  – 8KCAB is the password, if needed. The US$5.00 discount code for the paperback is 6XAB67TS – use it at the checkout to bring the price down to US$30.

It will soon be available from Skylines at Moorabbin Airport.

Training Information

Have a look around the pages for information on courses available. More information supporting the training is provided on password protected pages for trainees. The password for the quizzes is: quiz

Much of the training information has been for the Super Decathlon with a bit of information on the Pitts S-2A but now, with the joint acquisition of VH-DAJ, there will soon be information added about the Pitts S-2C.

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You’ll also want to sign up to the Ozaeros Facebook Page – perhaps even the little used Ozaeros Mailing list. The Ozaeros Facebook Group is pretty much defunct.

Articles and Blog

David’s articles, discussion papers and rantings are all online at http://aerobaticsaustralia.net/ with the historical blog at http://davidjpilkington.blogspot.com.au/.

Aircraft Bookings

UPG is currently available only directly from Ozaeros and booked online at https://www.goboko.com/ORSignon.aspx – contact David for access at Contact.htm.

Pilots will need to sign the hire agreement prior to access to the aircraft.